The world of finance and investing has been intentionally obscured so the common man remains ignorant to the rules of the game. explains this fancy terminology and simplifies the complex economic jargon so anyone can understand it.
Knowing the many ways you can safely invest your money makes you an informed and successful investor.
Debt & Borrowing
Most people have a history of ignoring the obvious. Most¬†people don’t see past their immediate needs. Most people are ignorant of the financial instruments that provide tangible value and produce real wealth. Bankers and financial experts exploit this psychological weakness in all of us and have created an entire economy based on this fundamental flaw. They call it credit or borrowing but it is better defined as debt. What is a debt based economy? Debt is future consumption brought forward. Buy something now, pay for it later. Simple.
Gold & Silver
Very few people understand the difference between currency and money. We have all been taught not to believe in gold or silver (as money) and most of us have grown up with paper money all our life (currency). But when did buying gold and silver become abnormal as an investment strategy?
People who don’t buy gold do not understand history or money. The world always returns to gold and silver as money especially during an economic slowdown, recession or depression. The old maxim for precious metals remains true to this day. It’s an investment that is always worth its weight in gold!
40% of the S&P 500 index’s gains in 2017 is from tech stocks such as the FAANGS (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google’s parent, Alphabet).

The slowdown in the manufacturing sector and international trade can be explained as follows:
When the Americans and Europeans stop buying things China stops making them.
And when China stops making them; all the resource rich nations stop exporting to them.