When Should I Buy Silver In 2017?

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When Should I Buy Silver In 2017

So When Should I Buy Silver In 2017?

When the Gold-to-Silver ratio is over 80:1

When the Gold-to-Silver ratio is high then it’s a good time to buy silver as it becomes extremely cheap relative to investing in Gold. The gold/silver ratio is a reliable indicator to predict which of these two metals is expected to move the sharpest up or down.

When everyone else is selling silver

The best time to buy silver is also when everyone else is selling silver. The physical price of silver is determined from the paper SPOT price so knowing this allows you to predict which way the silver price will move. Watching the volume of short positions in the COMEX silver futures. If everyone is selling then the price (in the short term) will reduce.

When you need to protect your wealth

When you need to preserve your wealth and protecting yourself against economic crashes and crises.
During uncertain times investments such as property and stocks may begin under-performing. The price of gold and silver will increase, as investors selling their shares in the former, tend to turn to the latter to provide some financial stability. As a result, the value of silver tends to offset whatever deterioration of net worth you suffered when your stock investments crashed.

When the SPOT price of silver is low

Every investor wants to buy their precious metals for as cheap as possible and timing is an important factor when investing in gold and silver. The lowest price of the year—and thus the best time to be investing in silver is the second week of January. April & May also show historic dips in the spot price of silver and tend to be good months to pick up silver relatively cheaply.

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