What is the Gold Silver ratio?

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Gold Silver Ratio Explained

The gold silver ratio is the amount of silver it takes to purchase one ounce of gold. If the gold-to-silver ratio was 74.65 to 1. That means at the current price it would take 74.65 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold.

Today’s Gold to Silver ratio = 74.65
It takes 74.65 ounces of Silver to buy 1 ounce of Gold

Investors who trade gold or silver bullion and other precious metals consider the gold-to-silver ratio as a signal for the best time to buy or sell a particular metal.

What is the historical ratio between gold and silver?

Historically, the gold silver ratio has been somewhere between 15 and 10 : 1, to more accurately reflect the average supply of each metal. When should I buy Silver in 2017?

Author: Bullion Brad